Antioxidants and benefits for our body

A dietary antioxidant is a substance that is part of the foods of daily consumption and that can improve the normal physiological functioning of the human being.

Antioxidants promote the neutralization of radicals that are released during human metabolism, and are also produced by environmental pollutants (atmospheric, aquatic, soil), radiation (ultraviolet, gamma), among others.

They may be linked to the consumption or use of toxins such as alcohol, tobacco and drugs or due to a poor diet, exposure to fertilizers or pesticides. High physical or mental stress.

Scientific research provides data on the benefits of daily consumption of foods containing antioxidants, all fruits and vegetables and the protection they can offer to prevent the risk of disease.

More than 100 diseases have been studied and their relationship with the imbalance of the oxidative system, among others: cardiovascular, oncological, gastric, respiratory, neurological and endocrine, among these those of a cardiovascular type have much evidence.



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